How much does Friendship weighted?

Posted On March 19, 2004

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After having numerous sleepless nights, I’d decided to write down my dreams. I wanted to have a dream analysis and this is how I will start. I’d create a new blog for this and it’s the same as this blog except I will only add in new entry whenever I get a dream. This sounds so silly but I wanted to do something from it.

I’m more interested to make analysis of my dreams rather than having friends around. I actually got tired with the people of this world. Yes, it’s very sad to say this but how many friends among your friends will help you out if you get into trouble?

Mostly of my friends from the past are a bunch of assholes. When they need help the first thing came out in their mind is always me. When they are happy and having fun I’m always been forgotten. How fair is this world?

I got pissed off with these people. When you are in big trouble they just run off and hide – try to avoid you in all cause. Some even prefer not to answer your phone calls! Why are these people so pathetic! Why they befriended you? Coz you are the richest among their so-called-known-friends. So when you became poor, they are not your friends and prefer to not knowing you at all!

If this is the case, how pity for the poor then. People choose to friend someone that is rich so that they can take advantages. Hell, no! They befriended your $$$ not you! Definitely not you!

Poor means no friendship. Is this how friendship being weighted? How human turned out to be so materialistic these days? Friendship can be weighted with $? If that so, I must open up a stall with these Friendship for Sale!!! Each friendship cost $XXX!! Written BIG and CLEAR.

What had this world become? If this is happening I would rather prefer to live alone in my own world of fantasy. There is no hope to have true friends in this world. Trust yourself! Treat everyone the same. There is no best friend in this world. How long can a friendship last? No one will know the future….


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