Howdy, 2007!

Posted On January 7, 2007

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Where have I been these few months? It’s a long story to go through but in the end the answer is – I’m being too lazy to blog. I still wonder if I should continue paying my domain name or just discontinue it. It will be due on March.

I’ve been staying away from login into my Windows Live Messenger as it really eats up a lot memory. For 4 months or so, I’ve been trying to pursue a “career” in-game. Oh yes, I’m into playing online game again much to my effort of refraining from it. There is a difference this time, whereas I make real USD instead of playing for fun. Okay, it’s not so easy money I must admit. I have to go through all kind of difficulties to exchange it to RM. Thanks to Paypal, I can’t withdraw money in Malaysia. I have to figure it out sooner or later of how to exchange my USD in Paypal account to real RM.

I’m working as a gamer and a salesperson for a web store in It’s very easy job anyway. Uploading images and description for sale items are not difficult. What I hope is that I can have a successful career in the game I’m playing. I’ve planned to open up a boutique in-game. It will help me with extra pocket money I will need to buy a new rig! I’ve been looking at duo core… heh… it’s really pricey… for me, of course! It’s difficult to make a right decision as I’ve been considering buying a tablet as I will be a clothes designer in this game. Drawing using a mouse is very painful for hand. I wanted to be serious this time, making real money from my very own environment – my desktop. Here’s a peek of the tablet I’m interested in:

Wacom Intuos3 A5

Wacom Intuos3 A5

It’s over 1k and a new rig is around 3-4k. They’re sure expensive!!!

I’ve got an e-mail from Fujiwara-san telling me his friend will come over from Japan to KL and wanted to give me a CD they’ve produced together. I’m looking forward to meet him.

I’ve got set of wedding photos slide from my old classmate through e-mail today. This has reminded me of I’m at the age for that too but I’m still here sitting in front of my pc, doing what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years and I’m still living under parents’ roof! Am I incorrigible? Lol…


For a long time…

Posted On August 27, 2006

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I have been inactive in blogging again. I know I’m a lazy ass, but hey, I have my own life to get sorted out. Okay, I know I’m fibbing but there’re a lot of stuffs to get sorted, in my cyber world and in reality.

I’ve been moving from my previous blog from blogdrive to That’s tons of work! Copy pasta from each entry to new blog system is a hectic job, when I have to do it manually. Manually, you see. I wonder why WordPress can’t support blogdrive export. The only answer I get from WordPress support was I need to move blogdrive to MoveableType, then to WordPress.

Okay, I’m still in tight budget. Where the hell am I going to get a paid web space just for MoveableType, huh? Forget it. Copy pasta from blogdrive to wordpress is not too hard, but I can’t copy the comments. Actually, blogging at blogdrive is not bad but I was planning to move to a paid web hosting and yes, using my own domain name.

I’m still in dilemma. Should I go for a paid blog or stay here for a free one? I wanted to try out coding in php. At least, I can play a bit with the web space but is it worth the try? I don’t know.

God is gracious!

Posted On May 22, 2006

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God is wonderful! Indeed He is! My last rant was heard by Him, and yes, my wish is granted. I got a job! I’ve never imagine it will be this quick. On 15th May, I got this news from Maya, telling me that she has a job for me; depend on how her boss thinks. I didn’t take it seriously, since her last promise of getting this job for me last year, it ended up badly. I didn’t get any news from her and she disappeared for months. Ahem, unusual months.

This time I pray to Lord, saying, if this is His will, it shall be then. Funny thing happened. Maya told me to write a resume on 19th of May, and should send over to her boss by the end of the week, or early of next week. I was surprised, I didn’t take it seriously and yet I get the job. Writing resume and cover letter is very tough for me. My old resume was sent to over 50 companies but never get any positive feedback. Heh, life is getting bad nowadays.

I’ve try to finish it by Saturday, as Sunday is a big day in church. Our 15th Anniversary since church established. It’s a big night event, a celebration, that all of us had been fasting for over 10 days, and been waiting for. We had a successful celebration, everyone is happy.

The resume was sent to Maya for brush up, read or whatsoever. I finally sent it in around 1pm today, it’s a shocking experience, and he prepared work for me after reading my resume, called Maya from Hong Kong and ordered Shenzhen office to send company information to me and I started my job around 4pm and get to know the colleagues of whole company.

Money Money, where are you?

Posted On May 7, 2006

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Heck, heck, heck! I need to get a web space ASAP. My current one is directed to pohd. Damn it. It’s supposed to be a free space from a friend, a gift for me! Now what? My own web domain is directed to some kind of furniture portal! And it’s his portal!

Time to cough up my angpow’s money for a new web space. All I need is money, money and money! But then where am I going to get $ for dvd-rw? I need a lot of money and yet I’m jobless. I feel like hiding myself under blanket cause of some reasons. Reality is cruel. Indeed.


Posted On May 6, 2006

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Another day of talking endlessly from icq, what have I got myself into? Other than chatting, I’d made this.

It took me a few hours to finish it while chatting with disturbance from ICQers.


Posted On May 5, 2006

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How funny it is to re-blog again after such a long time. Yes, it’s where my rant begins. For the past 2 months or perhaps 3, I’d finally get rid of my addiction from playing Conquer Online C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y. Yun_Li will stays as a legend. Many of CO friends asking me to go back but once I have made up my mind, I won’t turn back.

After 3 years of quitting icq, I’ve manage to get it reinstalled to a newer version and I’m back to online chatting. The reason I need to use icq coz I wanted to contact Magdelene, the only medium I could is, by icq. I don’t have her phone number and I’m worried about her.

I must be too outdated to use icq, which was a good private messenger aka chat software, I was not aware of the change in this icq world too. Guys from icq (knocking from my icq door) are either self-conscious or too much pride. This reminds me very much of “Pride and Prejudice” but… there is a but! These guys are not Mr Darcy. I got so S-I-C-K of these Mr. Darcy wannabe, perhaps they don’t even know who is Mr. Darcy. Okay they’re not Mr Darcy but they are arrogant enough to call you names such as “stupid” as if they have know you for ages.

Come on! This is net friend and apart from a/s/l, can they simply call others stupid just like that? Are they intelligent enough to call other stupid? Certainly not. Come to think of it, the moral of mankind is sloping down.


Posted On September 27, 2005

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Waterkisses is tempted to have this:

My Wish Mobile

Waterkisses is still struggling to decide if she needs GPRS/EDGE or not.

Waterkisses is still poor.

Waterkisses is too busy with traveling nowadays.

Waterkisses is busy with church ministering work.

Waterkisses will be keyboardist for church pray and worship team.

Waterkisses is still thinking of what to do in the future.

Waterkisses has not quit MMORPG.

Waterkisses wanted to grow up like minishorts.


Happy 48th Independence Day, Malaysia!

Posted On August 31, 2005

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The clock strikes 12 and it’s our 48th National day today, 31st August. Lots of celebration all over nation wide which is airing live on T.V and here am I blogging my time here. What am I supposed to do today? Shouldn’t I be celebrating the countdown as well? I feel quite empty on this kind of countdown celebration.

It reminds me of New Year Countdown, Christmas Countdown which happened in the past. And one unforgotten memory of mine which happened on 31st of 2001, the night I was thinking to die. Thinking back of those committing suicide thoughts which happened before makes me shuddered. Why would I with everything wanted to die? The depression was too deep, that I cannot control myself from being negative.

Today, after losing many things in my life, by God’s grace, I have found myself. The time I have stopped from blogging since December last year, I am actually living in the dark. I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, as each day passed, I’m dreading everything. There are too many things happened in these 8 months that I don’t know how to express them in words.

Living in this world is never easy. Pain, frustration, greed, and all kind of evil are dominating this world. I don’t understand why would human kind can be that selfish, greedy and full of hatred. Where is Love that is deep inside us? Is love really less worthy than money and treasures? I will always remember what Jake told me before about a year ago. It still plays in my mind, “Money talks, bullshit walks”. I used to laugh because it is funny the way he expressed it. It is indeed true in this world. Never any less from what is being quoted. I have seen in real, my relatives and friends are money-minded. From my own experiences, I might add one more, “No Money, No Love”. Does money really rule everything? Whenever I see people whom drool over rich people or boot licking them, I feel like throwing up.

I wanted to scream, I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m too psychotic, my craziness level is over limit? One thing Jake reminds me of getting a life out there. Thanks to Jake! I’m really trying very hard to get rid of my gaming addictions. It’s really beyond my control.

I have been attending to church activities lately. I have been dreading again. Pastor Tommy had asked me numerously to play for the church. I’m trying to avoid because I’m terrible in recital. Out of a sudden, my mouth (slaps) opened and told Pastor Tommy that I will be in for this week’s praise and worship and will play. Oh-oh. I haven’t touched my piano for years. How am I going to play?

Church life is kinda exciting and busy. I don’t know since when I have started to like a guy from the church. He is cute and friendly (the only one guy that really shakes my hand every Sunday). Funny, isn’t it? I told Jake about him and Jake taught me skills of uh… flirt with that guy. Jake, your teaching won’t work for a guy from the church. It will only make things worst.

Back to square one – Waterkisses is alive once again and newly born too ^^V


Posted On August 22, 2005

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I haven’t been on blog for like erm, 8 months over? What has happened to waterkisses you might ask. I’m just too lazy to blog anything. I have run out of ideas. I’m not sure where to start or end. One thing for sure, I have been messing around with Jake’s blog everyday. We’re both enjoying it. Lots of craps. Lol. Tell me what should I blog now?

Hello Blog for a long time..

Posted On August 15, 2005

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Waterkisses is in Dark Hole. Waterkisses is still struggling. Hope everything will turn up fine.

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