Day 14

Posted On August 4, 2007

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In his keynote address at the Invest Malaysia 2007, the Prime Minister cited the launch of the National Education Blueprint as evidence of the government keeping to its promises. “We will continue to work hard to deliver our promises to the people,” he said (The Star, 23/3/07).
Three years ago, in the 2004 general elections campaign, Barisan Nasional (the present government), came up with its manifesto. The promises made, among many others, were:
• It “ensures that no group is neglected or left behind, and that each citizen has a stake in nation-building”.
• Believing “in fair and equitable sharing of the fruits of economic growth. Development must benefit all areas of the country and all groups”.
• It “upholds the diversity of religious practice, language and culture” and “safeguards the interests of all citizens,” “listens to and acts on the hopes and aspirations of all groups regardless of age, gender, ethnic background and religion”.
• It “will defend the Constitution and the laws of the country”.
• While Islam is the official religion, it “believes in a tolerant and progressive Islam. Freedom to worship other religions is guaranteed by the Constitution”.


1. Praise God for
a. The Prime Minister who is humble and willing to serve the nation and the people.
b. The ministers and elected representatives who are committed to serve the nation and look after the people’s welfare.
2. The government to fulfil and carry out what it has promised the people.
3. PM:
a. Grounded in truth.
b. Ruled by humility.
c. Filled with wisdom and discernment.
d. Unwavering in justice and in doing what is right.
e. Surrounded by wise men and women of integrity who prioritise national interests.
4. Corrupted ministers, department heads, and elected representatives to be
a. Exposed
b. Removed
c. Replaced by men and women of good standing who can effectively carry out their duties.
5. Salt & light:
    Christian ministers, department heads and elected representatives to
a. Stand firm on godly principles without fear of man or influence.
b. Demonstrate God’s goodness in their respective areas.


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