Day 13

Posted On August 3, 2007

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While Article 11 of the Federal Constitution grants every person the freedom to profess, practice and propagate his religion, other constitutional provisions must be taken into serious consideration in the interpretation.
The pluralistic nature of this nation creates greater sensitivity with respect to the scope of religious liberty. At the same time, the freedom of profession, practice and propagation is subject to general laws that seek to maintain public order, public health or morality.
In addition, states and Federal Territories are permitted to make laws to “control and restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine” among the Muslims. Attempts have been made by certain State Legislative Assemblies to restrain activities of proselytising to Muslims.
The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Tun Salleh Abbas, once remarked that such limitation was “logical as it is a necessary consequence of the fact that Islam is the religion of the Federation…to protect Muslims from being exposed to heretical religious doctrines, be they of Islamic or non-Islamic origin and irrespective of whether the propagators are Muslims or non-Muslims.”
Numerous incidents over the years indicate that the issue of religion and freedom of religion is extremely sensitive.
Although many would agree that limitations on freedom of religion or belief are necessary for the public order and welfare, a question may be asked whether these are imposed by law in a non-discriminatory manner.

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1. Praise God for
a. The relative freedom to worship Him and to profess our faith.
b. The many Malaysian citizens who have respect for one another and are willing to accommodate each other regardless of religious background.
2. Article 11 to be fully realised so that every citizen has the right to worship and to profess the religion of his/her choice.
3. Against the spirit behind those who exploit religion to create public disorder and to promote religious extremism.
4. Those who are in marital and custody disputes will not abuse religion for their own benefit.
5. Salt & light:
    Christian judges, lawmakers, lawyers, advocates, etc.
a. To stand firm on godly principles without fear of man or power or influence.
b. To demonstrate God’s goodness in their respective areas.


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