Day 7

Posted On July 28, 2007

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Indigenous beliefs are loosely classified as animism, which is considered to be the oldest religion known to mankind.
Indigenous beliefs refer to those practised by the Orang Asli of the Peninsula and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Their ideas of natural and supernatural world and morality are generally well structured.
Believing in a supreme being who is the creator of the world, the indigenous people recognise the importance of maintaining harmonious relationships with the community and with the different world of spirits, animals and plants. Any imbalance would result in misfortune, illness, crop failure, etc. Restitution must be made to restore the balance by appeasing the angry spirits through rituals, animal sacrifices and food offerings. Shamans (religious leaders and healers) act as intermediaries between the human and spirit worlds.
As a whole, the belief system is not officially recognised and is in effect non-institutionalised. Teachings and values are transmitted through oral tradition.
In the course of colonialism and modernisation, the indigenous people were placed in the good light of missionary zeal, the Christians and Muslims in particular.
While many have adopted other religions, the key elements of their traditional beliefs are still retained.


1. Praise God for
a. His love for the people who live a simple life.
b. Their strong sense of community and hospitality.
2. Cultural barriers, superstitions and traditions that may prevent the people from being receptive to the Gospel to be broken down.
3. Against the spiritual forces behind all spiritual deceptions (Eph 6:12).
4. Hearts and minds to be enlightened to see the one CREATOR who gave His only begotten Son for their salvation.


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