Day 6

Posted On July 27, 2007

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The first group of Sikhs arrived in the 1850s through British connection. However, the real wave of migration occurred in the 1870s at the dawn of British colonialism. They were largely brought in to maintain law and order in the Straits Settlements. The first unit force was the Perak Sikhs in 1884-1896.
The temple, gurdwara, is the focal point of religious and social activities. In 1881, the first gurdwara was set up in Penang by the Sikhs in the police force.
One of the earliest temples in Klang valley was Gurdwara Sahib Police in Jalan Parliament, built in 1890.
There are reportedly about 55,000 Sikhs with 119 independent gurdwaras in Malaysia.
The Malaysian Gurdwaras Council was established in 1988 to coordinate the functioning of these temples.
The Sikhs believe in one god who is formless. The ideal is to become one who is completely attuned to god’s will and whose love for god is expressed in deed and community services.


1. Praise God for
a. His love for the Sikhs.
b. The harmonious relationship among all religious groups.
2. Religious barriers that may prevent the Sikhs from being receptive to the Gospel to be broken down.
3. Hearts and minds to be enlightened to see the TRUTH in their effort to achieve the ‘ideal’.


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