Howdy, 2007!

Posted On January 7, 2007

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Where have I been these few months? It’s a long story to go through but in the end the answer is – I’m being too lazy to blog. I still wonder if I should continue paying my domain name or just discontinue it. It will be due on March.

I’ve been staying away from login into my Windows Live Messenger as it really eats up a lot memory. For 4 months or so, I’ve been trying to pursue a “career” in-game. Oh yes, I’m into playing online game again much to my effort of refraining from it. There is a difference this time, whereas I make real USD instead of playing for fun. Okay, it’s not so easy money I must admit. I have to go through all kind of difficulties to exchange it to RM. Thanks to Paypal, I can’t withdraw money in Malaysia. I have to figure it out sooner or later of how to exchange my USD in Paypal account to real RM.

I’m working as a gamer and a salesperson for a web store in It’s very easy job anyway. Uploading images and description for sale items are not difficult. What I hope is that I can have a successful career in the game I’m playing. I’ve planned to open up a boutique in-game. It will help me with extra pocket money I will need to buy a new rig! I’ve been looking at duo core… heh… it’s really pricey… for me, of course! It’s difficult to make a right decision as I’ve been considering buying a tablet as I will be a clothes designer in this game. Drawing using a mouse is very painful for hand. I wanted to be serious this time, making real money from my very own environment – my desktop. Here’s a peek of the tablet I’m interested in:

Wacom Intuos3 A5

Wacom Intuos3 A5

It’s over 1k and a new rig is around 3-4k. They’re sure expensive!!!

I’ve got an e-mail from Fujiwara-san telling me his friend will come over from Japan to KL and wanted to give me a CD they’ve produced together. I’m looking forward to meet him.

I’ve got set of wedding photos slide from my old classmate through e-mail today. This has reminded me of I’m at the age for that too but I’m still here sitting in front of my pc, doing what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years and I’m still living under parents’ roof! Am I incorrigible? Lol…


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