For a long time…

Posted On August 27, 2006

Filed under Personal

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I have been inactive in blogging again. I know I’m a lazy ass, but hey, I have my own life to get sorted out. Okay, I know I’m fibbing but there’re a lot of stuffs to get sorted, in my cyber world and in reality.

I’ve been moving from my previous blog from blogdrive to That’s tons of work! Copy pasta from each entry to new blog system is a hectic job, when I have to do it manually. Manually, you see. I wonder why WordPress can’t support blogdrive export. The only answer I get from WordPress support was I need to move blogdrive to MoveableType, then to WordPress.

Okay, I’m still in tight budget. Where the hell am I going to get a paid web space just for MoveableType, huh? Forget it. Copy pasta from blogdrive to wordpress is not too hard, but I can’t copy the comments. Actually, blogging at blogdrive is not bad but I was planning to move to a paid web hosting and yes, using my own domain name.

I’m still in dilemma. Should I go for a paid blog or stay here for a free one? I wanted to try out coding in php. At least, I can play a bit with the web space but is it worth the try? I don’t know.


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