37th Day

Posted On August 27, 2006

Filed under Prayer

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We thank God for the presence of Christians and Christian based organizations in the country all of which seek to touch lives for eternity. The testimony of a transformed drug addict or criminal is powerful beyond what any believer can utter. Malaysian Care, Shelter Homes and similar organizations are constantly engaged in the ministry of healing, mending and transforming broken, discarded and shattered lives of both young and old. And while SUFES seeks to guide, shape and nurture young lives in schools and colleges and prepare them to lead fruitful adult lives for Christ, the Bible Society of Malaysia is committed to the great enterprise of disseminating truth and light through God’s Word to all people in languages they understand and at a price they can afford.

Elder Kong Yeng Phooi

1 Corinthians 12:1

1. Christian organizations to see clearly the role that God has given them and to play it well.
2. Greater partnership between Christian organizations and churches especially in the area of practical support e.g. finances, manpower.
3. Churches to be more aware of wholistic ministries, pastors and leaders are willing to be trained and equipped for social & national concerns.
4. Strong networking among the Christian organizations to effectively demonstrate and proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Prayer is our LIFELINE to God” – Pr. Richard Toh


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