31st Day

Posted On August 21, 2006

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Capital Bandar Melaka
Governor Tun Datuk Seri Utama Mohamad Khalil Yaakob
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Mohd. Rustam

Statistics (Malaysia Statistics Dept., 2005)

Population 713,000 (est.) Malay 60.86%, Other Bumiputera 1.23% (Temuan), Chinese 26.82%, Indian 6.09%, Others 0.68% (Kristang, Eurasian), Non-citizens 4.32%.

Religious breakdown (2000) Islam 64.2%, Buddhism 24.1%, Hinduism 5.6%, Taoism/Confucianism 1.5%, Christianity 3.9%, Others 0.2%, No Religion 0.4%, Unknown 0.1%

Incidence of Poverty (2004) 1.8% (Hardcore: 0.2%)

The first Malay sultanate started in Melaka but the state has no Sultan today. Melaka was historically the gateway for various beliefs to Malaysia. The arrival of the Portuguese invaders was the first contact Peninsular Malaysia ever had with any form of Christianity. The famous Jesuit missionary St Francis Xavier visited Melaka several times and was briefly buried there after his death.

1. People may know the Eternal God who is the Ancient of Days.
[Situated here is the region’s oldest Protestant church along with Malaysia’s oldest Buddhist temple, Hindu temple and Catholic church.]
2. Repent for all wrongs committed by the ‘Christian’ foreign colonialists. [Melaka was conquered by the Portuguese in 1511, the Dutch in 1641 and the British in 1824.]
3. Local authorities to have wisdom and consideration in the efforts to exploit Melaka’s historical heritage to boost tourism. [Many tradesmen in the old quarters are gradually displaced by businesses catering for tourists. Plans to develop the riverbanks of Melaka River may affect the fishing community.]
4. Against corruption in Government Departments.
5. People will find sufficiency in God, the Help of all time. [The island of Pulau Besar off Pengkalan Pernu at Umbai is known for its old sacred graves, occult sites and strange legends. Many visit the island to seek supernatural help from the spirit world.]
6. Youth and young adults of all ethnic groups.
7. Against crime (e.g snatch thief) robbery, brawls in bars, murders, suicide, lawlessness, motor-racing, gambling, adultery, immoral behaviour.
8. Church: evangelistic efforts to bear fruit, effective networking between the Christian students and local churches in all campusoutreaches; the ability to proclaim relevant message amidst different beliefs.

“Prayer changes me, my family, my church and my community” – Captain Paul Ong


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