30th Day

Posted On August 20, 2006

Filed under Prayer

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It is critical for the Church today to further examine the Kingdom of God and its wider context of missions in developing church-based relief and community services. God’s love and compassion, His concern for justice, reconciliation and liberation for mankind from all kinds of oppression must be fundamental to them in their desire for community transformation. In order to be truly salt and light in a pluralistic society, there needs to be a more contextualized and relevant ‘theology of missions’.

Lee Chee Loi

James 1:27

1. God’s abundant blessings upon the church-based relief/social/ community services (name them if you know any).
2. Adequate resources (e.g. funds) and manpower (e.g. committed Christians), quick to respond to crisis and the needs of the afflicted.
3. Good network and greater cooperation with government social agencies or NGOs to address issues such as social ills, moral decadence, social and communal injustices, etc.

“Prayer is to fulfil God’s intended purpose” – Susan Gan


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