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Posted On August 19, 2006

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JOHOR DARUL TAKZIM,Johor, Abode of Dignity

Capital Johor Bahru (Royal Capital: Pasir Pelangi)
Sultan Sultan Mahmood Iskandar Al-Haj
Menteri Besar Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani Othman

Statistics (Malaysia Statistics Dept., 2005)

Population 3,101,200 (est.) Malay 52.76%, Other Bumiputera 1.26% ( Jakun, Orang Seletar, Orang Kuala, Orang Kanaq), Chinese 32.36%, Indian 6.6%, Others 0.62%, Non-citizens 6.4%

Religious Breakdown (2000) Islam 58.8.%, Buddhism 28.7%, Hinduism 5.9%, Taoism/Confucianism 3.2%, Christianity 2.2%, Tribal 0.2%, Others 0.2%, No Religion 0.4%, Unknown 0.4%

Incidence of poverty (2004) 2% (Hardcore: 0.3%)

The Johor-Riau Empire was the only empire to emerge in the Malay Peninsula after the fall of Melaka. Johor gave birth to Malay nationalism which led to the forming of United Malay National Association (UMNO) on 11 May 1946. It was the first state and currently the only state in Malaysia that has its own military force called Johor Military Force or ‘Timbalan Setia Negeri’, a private army of the Sultan of Johor.

The name “Johor” originated from the Arabic word Jauhar, which literally means “Precious Stones”.

1. The people find their true dignity in God and not on status or background.
2. The police force in Johor Bahru in maintaining law and order. Against all kinds of crime and immorality. [Much still needs to be done to combat crime and prostitution in the city. Reports on increasing crime rate have affected tourism]
3. Amicable relationship with Singapore and water solution for Johor. [Stagnating water caused by the Causeway has raised health concerns in Johor. Malaysia has proposed to replace the causeway by a bridge, allowing water and tide movement through the Straits of Johor. However, the bridge project was scrapped when both parties could not come to a satisfying agreement after years of negotiation]
4. Financial recovery and wiser management of state funds.
5. Authorities to properly address the plight of Orang Asli communities in all development projects that involve resettlement. [Development plans along the coast overlooking the Teberau Straits have often forced the relocation of communities.]
6. Authorities to effectively curb all illegal incursions. [The eastern coast between Kota Tinggi, Penggerang and Mersing is one of the major entry points for illegal Indonesian migrants.]
7. Church: unity; renewed vision for the lost; effective outreach among the foreign workers; against complacency and materialism among believers.

“Prayer convicts us of our sins and of our utter dependence on God” – Pr. Joshua Wong


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