27th Day

Posted On August 17, 2006

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TERENGGANU DARUL IMAN,Terengganu, Abode of Faith

Capital Kuala Terengganu (Royal Capital)
Sultan Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin
Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh

Statistics (Malaysia Statistics Dept., 2005)

Population 1,505,600 (est.) Malay 92.50%, Chinese 3.5%, Other Bumiputera 0.82% (Semoq Beri, Bateq, Siamese), Indian 0.26%, Others 0.97%, Non-citizen 1.95%

Religious Breakdown (2000) Islam 94.5%, Buddhism 4.4%, Tribal Animism 0.5%, Christianity 0.2%, Hinduism 0.2%, Taoism/ Confucianism 0.1%

Incidence of poverty (2004) 15.4% (Hardcore: 4.4%)

The worship of Guan Yin (the Chinese Goddess of Mercy) in Malaysia was first introduced in Terengganu. The state may be the earliest landing point for Chinese immigrants. Nonetheless, Terengganu is popularly claimed to be the 1st Malay state to receive Islam. The Batu Bersurat Terengganu, ‘Terengganu Stone,’ dated 1303, is the earliest Islamic relic found in Malaysia.

Islam grips the hearts and minds of those who take pride in Terengganu Islamic legacy. The religious leaders (‘ulama’, ‘imam’) and teachers (‘ustaz, ‘ustazah’) remain influential. The BN state government administration continues to reflect a strong Islamic identity.

1. God’s blessings upon Terengganu’s strongly religious people.
2. State government under Dato’ Seri Idri Jusoh: Wisdom, integrity and impartiality.
3. Freedom from the bondage of all forms of spiritual deception and occultist beliefs and practices. [It is common for the locals to consult witchdoctors and keep charms.]
4. Economic sufficiency, just distribution of wealth, effective eradication of poverty, more investments and job opportunities [Poverty rate is 3rd highest after Kelantan & Sabah despite its rich resources. 90% of the fishermen earn less than RM500.00 per month.]
5. Commitment and concrete measures to address social problems.
[Substance abuse is a main concern. HIV rates especially among fishermen are quite high.]
6. Authorities to respect human rights & religious freedom. God’s agenda prevails. [The 2005 mob attack on the ‘Sky Kingdom’ commune and the subsequent arrest of its followers generated much concerns. Its leader Ariffin Mohammad (‘Ayah Pin’) remains at large.]
7. Church: Christ mind-set; be God’s blessing to the lost; godly full-time leaders to be raised; favour with government; engaging in social concerns; committed to Terengganu as a mission field.

“Prayer opens doors to opportunities” – Pr. Patsy Lim


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