23rd Day

Posted On August 13, 2006

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The fulfillment of the Great Commission demands the spreading of God’s love to where it has not been before. The good news of Jesus must move to new places and to new people groups. The book of Acts demonstrates exactly just that by the power of the Holy Spirit. Firstly, He even allowed persecution to push His people outwards from Jerusalem & Judea to new places. Then He persuaded the Jewish believers that His message of love was not only meant for the Jews but also for the Gentiles. He also set apart a few of His best workers (Barnabas & Paul) to bring the good news to new people and new places in the Roman Empire.

In Malaysia, churches are mainly located in richer urban areas of some states. The love of God has therefore only touched the urban Chinese, Indian and a few indigenous communities. To address this uneven distribution, local missions play a key role. Besides sharing the good news of
Jesus, missions need to lift up the socio-economic standings of the poor, rural & under-privileged people of the land. No single church or denomination can accomplish this task alone. The Body of Christ in Malaysia needs to work together.

Dr Chan Ah Kee

Acts 13:1-3

1. Stronger local missions to be carried out by believers in places “not where Christ was already named” (Romans 15:20).
2. Increased number of churches and fellowships in northern & eastern states of Peninsular Malaysia.
3. Unity & cooperation among churches to launch local missions through consultations and mutual support.

God is only a prayer away. Therefore it is wise to keep the communication line open all day and everyday” – Rev. Yakub Ng


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