22nd Day

Posted On August 12, 2006

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), a virus that is responsible for AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), is lethal because it attacks the immune system cells and leaves the victim vulnerable to infections, cancers, and neurological disorders. Yet, the unfolding accounts of HIV/AIDS tell us that it is more than just a health problem that threatens human welfare; it affects social order, economic development, and even national security.

The Health Ministry reveals that 67,438 Malaysians were infected with HIV and 10,044 with AIDS between 1986 and June 2005. During the same period, 7,091 men and 582 women died of AIDS. It is projected that the number of HIV carriers will reach 300,000 by 2015.
To reduce HIV transmission, a five year plan National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2006-2010 has begun with the harm reduction programme (i.e. free syringes and condoms) early this year.

1. Compassion for the people living with HIV/AIDS. The Church be a living example of a loving community selflessly reaching out to them.
2. Those who face discrimination and prejudice: for God’s grace and mercy and they will see hope through the Church.
3. A comprehensive approach including prevention, intervention, care and treatment.
4. Health Ministry: wisdom, skills and manpower, commitment and dedication. Well equipped hospitals. Well trained doctors, medical researchers and specialists. Wisdom and skills to find cure.
5. Greater co-operation from civil society and NGOs to engage in planning and implementation of an appropriately planned program.
6. The society as a whole pursues morality and purity.

“Prayer of the faithful one avails much” – Pr. Shirley Yeoh


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