21st Day

Posted On August 11, 2006

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The Prime Minister has consistently called for integrity and transparency in both public and private sectors. The National Integrity Plan with a Parliamentary Select Committee was set up to achieve the goals. Learning that the corruption index in Malaysia has not improved despite the efforts, PM admitted that raising integrity and combating corruption in the country were the greatest challenges faced by his administration (New Straits Times, May 31 2005). The battle takes time, and requires great amount of political will and commitment in enforcement. Corruption is the greatest obstacle to political stability, economic and social development.

1. PM to get support from ministries and agencies to carry out the mission of creating an honest and upright society.
2. The pillars of integrity, i.e. the institutions of Government — the various ministries, the judiciary, Attorney-General’s Chambers, the office of auditor-general, police force, all local authorities, etc. for commitment to a clean, honest and incorruptible governance.
3. Change of mindset, co-operation & commitment of the citizens at large to reject all forms of corruption, and give our fullest support by showing zero tolerance of corruption.
4. Transparency and accountability in the public and private sectors; strong and collective thrust in enforcement.
5. The Anti-Corruption Agency Malaysia (ACA), its director-general ACA Director-General Datuk Seri Zulkipli Mat Noor & his team to enforce law without fear or favour.

“Praying together shows visibly the sharing of common concern. To intercede for someone is to will God’s best for that person.” – The Late Lee Hong Kwang


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