20th Day

Posted On August 10, 2006

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Religious resurgence is simply a renewed interest and participation in spiritual matters by a growing segment of society. “Resurgence” means, “to rise again” and is closely connected with revivalism or a religious awakening and/or enthusiasm. This, in turn, is commonly associated with fundamentalism or a return to foundational or original beliefs, values and principles. All three terms are in themselves value neutral but have come to be regarded as synonymous with religious radicalism or an overturning of existing norms, structures and practices. This has given the impression that the modern revitalization of faith in God is among the primary causes of civil conflict and threatening rather than redemptive and celebratory in nature.

Steven Wong6

1. Elimination of radical elements in both public and private sectors.
2. Wisdom and expertise for authorities to rein in those who resort to radical extra-legal means for socio-political and economic gain.
3. Rational and moderate religious groups willing to work together for public interests and justice.
4. The Church, as agent of peace,
a. To regain its prophetic role and engage national and international governmental and non-governmental instruments.
b. To rise up with discerning prayers, reach out with genuine love, and remove every prejudice and preconceived notions.
5. Peace and harmony prevail in Malaysia.

“Expressing my heart to God” – Pr. Hasin Piah


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