18th Day

Posted On August 8, 2006

Filed under Prayer

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The Polis Diraja Malaysia consists of 89,197 officers and members. The ratio of police officers is estimated to be 1 for every 300 citizens. Policemen are public protectors and law enforcers, charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the society. While some may question their effectiveness and integrity, many policemen are dedicated, quick and active to tackle criminal activities. Daily, they are involved in volatile and dangerous situations.

1. Praise God for the vigilance and efficiency of the police force in combating crime.
2. Protection, courage, good incentives and blessings for the policemen and their families.
3. Integrity and maturity of the police force. Wisdom, willingness to learn and passion to serve as public protectors.
4. Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Omar and all state police chiefs.
5. Traffic police chiefs and their respective officers in the efforts to reduce road accidents. [328,264 accidents recorded in 2005]
6. Increased co-operation and boldness from the public to assist, support and encourage the police in combating crime.
7. Successful recruitment. Christians be challenged to consider this as vocation.

“Prayer with adoration and confession clears all obstacles and reachesGod directly” – Rev P Tevaraji


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