17th Day

Posted On August 7, 2006

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Population: 26.51 millions (as of 28 Feb 2006)

Malay 50.5%, non-Malay Bumiputera 11%, Chinese 23.5%, Indian 7%, others including Orang Asli 1.2%, non-citizens 6.8% (Bernama, 2005-7-15)

Muslims 60.4%, Buddhists 19.2%, Christians 9.1%, Hinduism 6.3%, traditional Chinese religions 2.6%, and others 2.4% (Census 2000)

While Malaysia prides itself for peace and racial harmony, there remains room for improvement to defuse communal and sectarian divisions. The pluralistic nature of this nation creates greater sensitivity with respect to the scope of religious liberty. A National Unity Advisory Panel (led by Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili) has been set up to serve as platform to discuss issues affecting national unity and integration.

1. Commitment to pluralism, respect for democracy, dedication to justice and solidarity with all in need.
2. All ethnic/religious groups to come together working for common good, mutual enrichment and mutual respect.
3. Government including the legislative bodies and all citizens to uphold the primacy of Federal Constitution that guarantees fundamental rights for all.
4. Steps to be taken to rein in those elements undermining the government’s goal in building a united and successful nation.
5. No community (Orang Asli in particular) will be left behind in development projects.
6. Favour and wisdom upon Christian Federation of Malaysia and other religious bodies as they unite to represent the citizens to the government.
7. Christians’ commitment to engage more actively in nation-building and seek avenues to participate in policy-making processes.

“We know God’s heart through prayer that we may be transformed into a God-fearing and people-loving community” – Elder Andrew Siew


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