14th Day

Posted On August 4, 2006

Filed under Prayer

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The Min. of Foreign Affairs (DATUKSERI SYED HAMID ALBAR) is given the mandate and responsibility for conducting Malaysia’s foreign relations with other countries. This includes matters related to political relations, economic affairs, security, social and cultural promotion. It seeks to develop and defend Malaysia’s interests in international arena.

The Min. of Information (DATUK ZAINUDIN MAIDIN) acts as managing agent for government’s public relation through reporting of government agenda and disseminating valid and current news about Malaysia, to create a better understanding and commitment among Malaysian citizens as well as in the international community. In the multiethnic and multi-religious society of Malaysia, the ministry plays a significant role in contributing to socio-economic development and national integration.

Both ministries aim to uphold and defend government’s authority and country’s sovereignty.

1. Wisdom and sound judgment for the ministers and departments heads.
2. Good bilateral, regional and multilateral relations with foreign countries and international organisations.
3. Excellency and Efficiency in promoting the country’s trade and investments.
4. Effective and non-bias radio and TV programs in the promotion of civic consciousness and national unity (e.g. to include Christian programs).

“Prayer is listening to God, wanting to know His desires” – Dr. C. Cheryan


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