13th Day

Posted On August 3, 2006

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The Min. of Tourism (DATUK TENGKU ADNAN TENGKU MANSOR) aims to make tourism industry a ‘Source of Growth’ to the nation’s socio-economy. The atmosphere of cultural diversities is one of the major attractions in tourism industry.

The mission of the Min. of Culture, Arts and Heritage (DATUK SERI UTAMA DR. RAIS YATIM) is to “propagate and bring art and culture to the masses”, and “to preserve national heritages.” The 5-year Noble Value & Courtesy Campaign has been made a national agenda in January 2005, working towards a Bangsa Malaysia with commendable cultural values.

Besides raising quality national athletes who are competent at international level, the Min. of Youth & Sports (DATUK AZALINA OTHMAN SAID) also commits to empower the youth in every aspect – economic, social and political.
1. The flourishing of tourism industry.
2. Malaysians to be civic conscious, courteous and have respect for one another regardless of ethnic/religious background.
3. Open doors for Christians to actively take part and share godly values.
4. Churches to take hold of such opportunity to bear witness and reach out by holding similar awareness campaigns in their respective communities.
5. Malaysian youth with wholesome character (spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically), responsible, independent and patriotic.
6. Education at homes and in schools: character-building to take precedence over academic performance.

Prayer is communication and relationship with God” – Rev. Ho Yong Seng


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