The 12th Day

Posted On August 2, 2006

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The Min. of Human Resources (DATUK WIRA DR. FONG CHAN ONN) has a mission to develop a competitive workforce in an environment of industrial harmony and social justice. It recognises that good human resource development strengthens the nation’s economic growth.

The Min. of Works (DATO’ SERI S. SAMY VELLU) is given the important task to plan and execute projects for infrastructural development and public facilities.

The Min. of Transport (DATO’ SRI CHAN KONG CHOY) Over RM30 billion has been allocated under 9MP for road development and transport related projects.

1. Malaysians with expertise residing overseas to return to serve the nation.
2. Employers dedicate to take care of their workers’ welfare.
3. Policies formulated by the Ministries are of quality and practical for implementation.
4. Wise use of funding, diligent and skilled workers in carrying out work projects, good quality and well-maintained infrastructure and public facilities.
5. An integrated, efficient, cost-effective, advanced technology and safe transportation system.
6. Money allocated to improve the transport system to be utilised wisely.
7. Ministers and department heads be men and women of good standing, integrity and wisdom.

“Prayer is absolutely necessary! It would be strange for anyone not to talk to his LOVED ONE” – Pr. Simon Eng


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