11th Day

Posted On August 1, 2006

Filed under Prayer

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The objective of the Min. of Science, Technology & Innovation (DATO’ DR JAMALUDDIN JARJIS) is to cultivate a proficient environment for science and technology advancement so that
Malaysia can become a competitive nation at international level.

The Min. of Entrepreneur & Cooperative Development (DATO’ MOHAMED KHALED NORDIN) was established in 1995 to function as leading agency for the Bumiputeras entrepreneur development, to facilitate potential entrepreneurs in starting their businesses and formulate strategies and guidance for cooperative advancement at the federal, state and private levels.

1. In the pursuit of becoming a developed nation, government will be mindful of fostering a nation with moral integrity and civic consciousness.
2. Strategic networking between public and private sectors.
3. Government will also make effort to help the minority groups, Orang Asli in particular, in entrepreneur development.
4. For more gifted Christians in the knowledge-based industry (e.g. science and technology) to serve with humility, perseverance, patience and love, establishing good relationship with others.
5. Christians continue to be steadfast in faith, to preserve godly principles and to shine God’s glory when confronted with ethical issues.

“Prayer is talking with God at specific time and at any time” – Rev. Terrence Sinnadurai


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