10th Day

Posted On July 31, 2006

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The Min. of Natural Resources & Environment (DATO’ SERI AZMI KHALID) ascertains our natural resources and environment are properly managed in order to secure long-term development.

The Min. of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (TAN SRI DATO’ MUHYIDDIN YASIN) is committed to improve the quality of services by developing the farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen.

Rural & Regional Development (DATO’ ABDUL AZIZ SHAMSUDDIN) dedicates to look after rural development and eradicate rural poverty.

Min. of Plantation industries & Commodities (DATUK PETER CHIN FAH KUI)

Women, Family & Community Development (DATO’ SERI SHAHRIZAT ABDUL JALIL)

1. The ministers-in-charge and department heads to administer policies with integrity.
2. Good stewardship to bring wealth and overcome poverty without exploiting our natural resources and environment.
3. Effective & efficient delivery of services.
4. Growth in plantation industries (palm oil, rubber, timber, cocoa, etc)
5. Better incentives and good health for the plantation workers.
6. The income of farmers, livestock breeders and fisherman will be maximized and greater marketing opportunities.
7. Both plantation and agriculture’s contribution to national income and export earnings be maximised.
8. Effective implementation of policies that look after the well-being of single mothers, elderly, disabled persons, etc.
9. Effective co-ordination, networking and ‘smart partnerships’ among the public, private and voluntary sectors in both rural and urban poverty eradication.

~“Prayer is the breath of the spirit”  – Elder Benjamin Skading~


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