9th Day

Posted On July 30, 2006

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What is the Christian response to fallen social, economic and political structure in which we live?

The recovery of vocation in the challenging business environment offers Christian businessmen or professionals a unique opportunity to answer God’s call through one of several approaches. These are:
(a) ignore them and focus on evangelism and bible study,
(b) engage constructively with these market and political forces,
(c) go for reformation or revolution (as is what liberation theology espouses) and finally,
(d) accept persecution for the Cross. Which path do we take? Are they mutually exclusive or inclusive?

The marketplace provides a visible arena where believers can tangibly demonstrate what being ‘in Christ’ means.

Cheong Seng Gee4

Ephesians 2

1. Christian businessmen/professionals to be salt and light where they are, exercising integrity, good financial stewardship and humility.
2. Paul’s concept of being ‘in Christ’ (Eph. 2) effects our attitude and behaviour in the work and business environment.
3. Courage to be the agent of change, and wisdom to know the difference when confronted with ethical issues.
4. Ability to appropriate social engagement with God’s mandate to effect the transformation in the marketplace.
5. Churches to provide pastoral support, e.g. spiritual or prayer network, accountability groups.

~“A church without a strong prayer life will never do anything significant for God.” – Rev Eu Hong Seng~


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