8th Day

Posted On July 29, 2006

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Housing & Local Government (DATO’ SERI ONG KA TING) is responsible for the planning and the implementation of policies, strategies and programmes in the fields of housing, local government, fire control services, country and town planning and landscape services.
The main thrust of the Energy, Water & Communications Ministry (DATO’ DR LIM KENG YAIK) is to facilitate and regulate the growth of energy, water, and communication industries to ensure the availability of high quality, efficient and safe services.
The mission of the Min. of Health (DATUK DR CHUA SOI LEK) is to build partnerships for health to motivate and facilitate the public to attain full potential in health and enjoy quality of life. One of its current plans is to upgrade existing hospitals and overcome the shortage of medical staff.

1. The ministries and departments will continuously strive to improve the quality of services to ensure high quality of life for all levels of society.
2. Ministers/dept officials/local councils: men and women of character and integrity, able to execute their duties effectively.
3. For efficient and effective delivery, secure and reliable supply of energy, water and communications services at affordable prices.
4. Blessings and protection for all the public servants including the council workers.
5. Public & private hospitals: a dedicated team, quality professional patient oriented services, and excellent healthcare benefit for the poor.
6. Wisdom and professional expertise in training centres and clinical research, in containing diseases.
~“Deepening my relationship with God until I become His executive ‘voice’ and ’hands’ on earth”  – Pr. Serena Shim~


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