7th Day

Posted On July 28, 2006

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Min. of Finance deals with taxation, budget and economic well-being of the country. (Minister I: DATO’ SERI ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI; Minister II: TAN SRI NOR MOHAMED YAKCOP)

National Economic Action Council (NEAC) (DATO’ SRI MOHD EFFENDI NORWAWI) is a consultative body that deal with the immediate issues that are adversely impacting the nation’s economy through pre-emptive strategies.

The 9th Malaysian Plan (2006-2010) emphasises economic competitiveness and growth; human capital development, employment creation and improvement of the public delivery system. It works towards the vision of Malaysia becoming a developed country by 2020.

Int’l Trades and Consumer Affairs (DATUK MOHD SHAFIE APDAL)

International Trade and Industry (DATO’ SERI RAFIDAH AZIZ)

1. Give thanks for God’s abundant blessings.
2. Greater employment opportunities and investments in less developedtowns/states.
3. Government,
a. In its effort to strengthen economy and reduce deficit by cutting publicspending and consolidating revenues, be mindful of the poor and less privileged.
b. In its effort to improve the performance of the Malays, ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for the minorities.
c. To execute new strategies and approaches with transparency and wisdom.
4. The 9th Malaysian Plan (9MP) is to consider all aspects of development (including good values) for the benefit of all citizens without marginalizing any group. Pray for wisdom, transparency and impartiality in executing the plan.

~“When we pray, the ear, eyes, heart and hand of God respond on our behalf” – Ng Wah Lok~


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