6th Day

Posted On July 27, 2006

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Ministry of Defense (YAB DATO’ SRI NAJIB TUN RAZAK): The role of the Malaysian Arm Forces is to defend the sovereignty and strategic interests of Malaysia from all forms of threat, e.g. helping the civilian authorities in overcoming all internal threats, preserving public order, helping in situation of natural disasters, etc.

Min. of Internal Security (YAB DATO’ SERI ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI) is to ensure public peace and order that the society is protected from danger. Issuing publishing permits and controlling publication are among its many functions. The ministry suspended the license of Sarawak Tribune in February for jeopardising public peace and security with its cartoon on Prophet Mohammad.

Min. of Home Affairs (YB DATO’ SERI MOHD RADZI SHEIKH AHMAD) takes care of the establishment, laws and regulations relating to immigrants, national registration, citizenship, film censorship, and so on.

1. All Malaysian Arm Forces (Navy, Army & Air Force) to carry out their functions effectively and faithfully in safeguarding the country’s sovereignty and stability.
2. Officials of the Internal Security to execute their duties with wisdom, impartiality and integrity.
3. All departments under the Home Affairs to provide efficient and transparent public services without fear or favour.
4. Against overzealous civil servants in their handling of cases involving citizens of other faiths.
5. Christians who are working in these ministries continue to shine as salt and light.

~“Prayer is a great privilege to simply come just as we are and talk to the King of kings” – Grace Hee~


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