5th Day

Posted On July 26, 2006

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The Judicial Authority of Malaysia is vested in the Federal Court, the High Courts and Subordinate Courts. Presently, the Federal Court is the highest court in Malaysia. The Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim is the head of Judiciary.

The Court plays an important role in interpreting the law and protecting the aspiration of the Constitution. The judges’ duty is to safeguard and protect the people’s fundamental freedoms.

Yet, courts’ decision entanglements that Muslim and non-Muslim and apostasy cases gravely disappointing, serious erosion of the constitutional power. Shamala’s application children’s conversion, appeal for the word dropped from her identity and the contested conversion the late Moorthy.

1. Administer justice and deliver judgment without fear and favour.
2. Courage, wisdom, impartiality, and sound judgment.
[In order to perform its judicial functions impartially, the judiciary must be independent in their exercise of judicial functions.]
3. People of integrity and good standing who keep to their motto “Berkhidmat untuk Keadilan” (Working for Justice).
4. Uphold Federal Constitution, interpret the laws wisely and justly, and respect Human Rights in particular Freedom of Religion.
5. God’s manifold blessings upon them as they continue to uphold truth and righteousness.
6. For the Attorney General (Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail) and the AG Chambers to act in the public interest and to represent equally the rights of all citizens irrespective of race and religion.

~“Prayer is an occupation of a born again Christian” –  Pr. Joshua Khiew~


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