God is gracious!

Posted On May 22, 2006

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God is wonderful! Indeed He is! My last rant was heard by Him, and yes, my wish is granted. I got a job! I’ve never imagine it will be this quick. On 15th May, I got this news from Maya, telling me that she has a job for me; depend on how her boss thinks. I didn’t take it seriously, since her last promise of getting this job for me last year, it ended up badly. I didn’t get any news from her and she disappeared for months. Ahem, unusual months.

This time I pray to Lord, saying, if this is His will, it shall be then. Funny thing happened. Maya told me to write a resume on 19th of May, and should send over to her boss by the end of the week, or early of next week. I was surprised, I didn’t take it seriously and yet I get the job. Writing resume and cover letter is very tough for me. My old resume was sent to over 50 companies but never get any positive feedback. Heh, life is getting bad nowadays.

I’ve try to finish it by Saturday, as Sunday is a big day in church. Our 15th Anniversary since church established. It’s a big night event, a celebration, that all of us had been fasting for over 10 days, and been waiting for. We had a successful celebration, everyone is happy.

The resume was sent to Maya for brush up, read or whatsoever. I finally sent it in around 1pm today, it’s a shocking experience, and he prepared work for me after reading my resume, called Maya from Hong Kong and ordered Shenzhen office to send company information to me and I started my job around 4pm and get to know the colleagues of whole company.


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