Posted On May 5, 2006

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How funny it is to re-blog again after such a long time. Yes, it’s where my rant begins. For the past 2 months or perhaps 3, I’d finally get rid of my addiction from playing Conquer Online C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y. Yun_Li will stays as a legend. Many of CO friends asking me to go back but once I have made up my mind, I won’t turn back.

After 3 years of quitting icq, I’ve manage to get it reinstalled to a newer version and I’m back to online chatting. The reason I need to use icq coz I wanted to contact Magdelene, the only medium I could is, by icq. I don’t have her phone number and I’m worried about her.

I must be too outdated to use icq, which was a good private messenger aka chat software, I was not aware of the change in this icq world too. Guys from icq (knocking from my icq door) are either self-conscious or too much pride. This reminds me very much of “Pride and Prejudice” but… there is a but! These guys are not Mr Darcy. I got so S-I-C-K of these Mr. Darcy wannabe, perhaps they don’t even know who is Mr. Darcy. Okay they’re not Mr Darcy but they are arrogant enough to call you names such as “stupid” as if they have know you for ages.

Come on! This is net friend and apart from a/s/l, can they simply call others stupid just like that? Are they intelligent enough to call other stupid? Certainly not. Come to think of it, the moral of mankind is sloping down.


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