Completely Jerk and Idiot

Posted On December 3, 2004

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I’d started my campaign for FCG 2004. The first to reply was Bluekl. He asked if he can bring his wife along. Funny thing, he wanted to bring his wife while OKR wants to keep his wife at home. Of coz I don’t mind having their wives to attend our gathering. The more, the merrier! I have told OKR to bring his wife, but he said chat friend and his life are two separate things. DUH. After so long of being friends (4-5 years), he said this? I was quite mad at his reply coz he did asked me before if I would attend his wedding. I said I will if the time is right and now he replied me with this answer? I shut him off completely. Lol. I put —-The End—- before I ignore him. Hehe.

The third was Kenny from Penang. He asked all sorts of questions regarding to FCG but never attend. I’m tired of answering him though. 3 years ago, I was organizing FCG 2002, collected money from them coz I need to book the venue which need deposit. Lastly, he and a few chatters from Penang had paid but are not coming and I need to bank in the money to them again. From that onwards, I won’t choose venue that need deposit for reservations. It’s so stupid to ask what kind of activities are there for the gathering when we’re not doing it formal ways and only going to café for gathering. I told him that we will eat, drink, chat there and will hang out at other café to continue our chat, or perhaps some shopping. He said it’s better to go for a movie. Duh.

Who would want to go to a gathering just to watch movie? I’d rather go alone. The main idea of gathering is to catch up on how’s everyone doing over a year. A casual gathering is just a hang out with friends. What to expect more from an annual gathering? Please don’t dream of ballroom with red carpet, dress in formal. We’re not at that yet. Not many are making the gathering to happen, let alone to have a private room which needs at least 30 people attending? A dream is just a dream…


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