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Posted On November 24, 2004

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For most Malaysians, it’s nothing but just knowledge of knowing the existence of this day. I don’t know it’s celebrated on the last Thursday or November. It surprises me alright. I have never celebrated this day before. I wouldn’t know either.

The only season that I’m looking forward to is Christmas. I have always dream to have white Christmas although most of my friends in overseas told me white Christmas is not as wonderful as I’d thought. I have never experience it before, so I would like to try. Perhaps one day, I will celebrate white Christmas in Korea or Japan. Who knows?

Christmas is a wonderful day even though I’m not a Christian. Hehe. I love the atmosphere of celebrating Christmas Eve with friends at their home. This is one event that I will never forget. Since Michael had went to Australia and well, we’re always very distamce to each other. But we do support each other mentally. I’d know him for 17 years. Lol… 17 years of friendship. I wonder if he still remembers me now since his parents are avoiding my family.

Realism of life is cruel. Once we got into trouble and well, out of cash as the bank were closed. We can’t withdraw our money on public holidays. After some final thoughts, we went to borrow from his family. His parents freaked out and avoided us ever since. Life is never fair. When they need help, no matter how busy we were, we’ll try to help in any way. For instance, his parents need to repair their electrical system at home, my father will go and have a look to help them even if he’s busy with his projects that he sometimes stay overnight at site. And that is for many years of maintenance. I don’t like the idea of being used by others but we’ll never know, so-called-friends are really not what we seen.

They are avoiding us and will never come to disturb us anymore. For that, I’m glad.


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