Posted On November 23, 2004

Filed under Personal

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One should never change the world but change for the world.I always wonder how many people of this world are not happy with the people around them, blaming the society and the world just because they think differently. Their mind must have been screwed up or something to blame everything on others but not own self. If one is not happy with what he has and hate the people around him, I do suggest the he should go bang his head on the wall and leave this world forever. At least it’s better to stay in this world being unhappy and plotting crimes on others and wants others to be dead.

There are still people like this staying in this world, doing nothing for living and yet got jealous on others success and so on. In the end, he plotted something bad and tried to harm people that sympathize on him because of the stories he made up about how difficult his life is. He tried every ways to con the people around him and in the end he had succeeded. The story never ends. He even tries all kind of tricks to make sure the people that got conned by him will commit suicide and he can live his life freely. Is this how human beings have become? Or it’s just some psycho on the loose?


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