My Longest Holiday – First Time

Posted On November 10, 2004

Filed under Personal

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I’d just got good news!!! I’m going to have holidays till 22nd of November!! Yippee!!! Now that I have long holidays…I can do my project at home. Yes, from home!! I need to rush everything by finishing holidays or else I’ll be beheaded by my parents. I couldn’t break 2nd promise I made.

I will be able to level up my character to top 10 water Taoist!!! Yep, I will do it!!! Yay…Hari Raya is approaching and tomorrow will be when the Indians celebrate Diwali!! I wonder if I get to eat Muruku this year. Yummy!!

First day of Hari Raya will be celebrated with Uncle Zakaria and his family. I may pay a visit to Yusuf’s house. Hehe! Nice holiday season I’m going to enjoy. It’s happier than Chinese New Year. I’m celebrating my first year of Hari Raya with the Malays. It will be an enjoyable day!


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