When water froze…

Posted On November 9, 2004

Filed under Personal

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Sometimes I do think I am suffering from short term memory loss. Lol. I can’t seem to remember current thing but I can remember the old and things that happened long time ago. For instance, I keep on remembering Burnacid as Burnacid, his first nickname used in FunChat years ago but I couldn’t remember his name as JC. Maybe I’m turning old and can’t remember as much. I feel very tired.

I want to have a nice vacation but cause of limited budget and time, I have to forget the whole thing. Nothing interests me anymore. I don’t feel like stepping out from my house too. I used to scream to get out from my house, but now I don’t feel any urge to do so. I’m wondering what’s wrong with me. I don’t feel any joy or happiness. I just feel empty. Once again, I’m Queen of Ice.


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