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Posted On November 8, 2004

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I’m back into blogging my characters in CO. I spent my entire weekends to level up my characters and I made a satisfaction results. I get 4 levels up. Many friends said I level so quickly. The truth is…I sit in front of my pc for 15 hours straight postponing my appointment with my hair stylist every week and it had been 3 months since my last visit. I haven’t got my hair trim. It’s all messy like a bird nest now. I just don’t care. Lol.

Maybe I have no life. People might think that. I’m sure of it. The thing is I have nothing to do on weekends and I really got addicted with games. I just play like no tomorrow and get back to work seriously on weekdays. Perhaps I’m too serious in doing things.

Life is boring when you have nothing to do. It’s sad, isn’t it? I used to look after my sister a lot and complained she gives me tons of problems by asking me to do her projects, etc. Now that she is not around, the whole house is empty. Just empty. Silence. I hate it when I have no one to talk to now. We used to cuddle up on my bed. Tickling each other and talk till parents came to our room and scolded us for not sleeping. And we did that every night.

Life is lonely without sibling. When they’re around, we’ll think that’s a troublesome creature lurking around and gives tons of trouble for us. I’m missing that a lot. Perhaps I got used to that kind of lifestyle. A week ago, when my sister asked what I am doing at home usually since she left. I said I’m still playing that game. She asked, “What game?” I said…The one jumping here and there(she used to play around with my character too for jumping and she giggles everytime she did that). She said OMG, still haven’t gets bored with that game? I said…What to do… No one is around to play poking with me. Fighting among siblings is pure bliss.


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