TQ Digital / Net Dragon is lame!

Posted On November 5, 2004

Filed under Personal

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After a few days of flaming in CO forum, Dark has finally announced his official resignation of moderatorship in CO. It was shocking news to me. I have never thought he will do that. We’re players that fight for justice but Fchen did not think his action is wrong. TQ Digital/ Net Dragon have broken its own TOS by just banning MECHSerac for only 4 days which is “serious offense”. Impersonating GM is a serious offense and should be banned at least 4 months. Fchen thinks otherwise coz the money do the talking. Money does talks out many crimes!!! Just because of MECHSerac buys lots of dragon balls from Net Dragon, favouritism existed in Fchen’s mind of $_$ He denied the fact but everyone knows.

They had been banning many players without warning and of minor offense and never unban them for the reasons Fchen came out with. This is what happened to my poor hubby 1337. I miss him terribly already.

If 1337 account is not unbanned. Fchen will get my flaming soon. I will do that for justice. I don’t care of who is superior in any form.


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