Shaklee Shopping

Posted On November 3, 2004

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Oh, no! Not again! I haven’t been feeling sleepy for the past 2 days and now… I’m feeling sleepy again. Maybe eating rice does affect my system. Eek! I have enough sleep and I went to bed an hour earlier than usual. That is early, right? -.-“

With this sleepy mind, I wish my supervisor is not in the office so that I can sleep! Today’s weather is just perfect to sleep in. It was so cool and I feel cozy snuggles under my blanket this morning and wanted to continue my sleep. Alas! I couldn’t. I have to wake up and begin my day jammed on the road which is frustrated enough. -.-“

“TALL, DARK, Strong and Handsome looking for someone specially created for me.
Someone tasteful. Someone who mixes well. The perfect complement.”

Yep! I’d Nescafe to stay awake. Hehe. The quote above was questioned by Merlin before. Yes, you Merlin! I didn’t get the chance to answer you. It was referring to Nescafe. Don’t ask me why girls like tall, dark, strong and handsome guy but not white. Lol. It was meant for my cup of café. Now, there! I’d answered you. Funny thing is I’d just found that Iron can treat anemia. I’m such a frog…hehe. I will try to order health supplemental vitamins from Bobby soon.

List for my little sis:
2x Beta Carotene
2x B-Complex
2x Iron Plus Vitamin C Complex
1x Calcium Magnesium
2x Zinc

My List:
Calcium Magnesium
Beta Carotene
Vita E

It will cost a few hundred bucks. If it’s out of budget…I’ll just buy her portion.


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