I’m sick…

Posted On October 29, 2004

Filed under Personal

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I slept early last night, around 11pm which is very early for me. I couldn’t stand the coldness and slipped into my warm blanket. I was upset. I just don’t feel like playing my game anymore. So, I chose to sleep early thinking that it might help from not getting sleepy at the office the next day.

Boy was I wrong! I woke up having headache and now am feeling sick. Damn it! If only I didn’t sleep so early, I won’t be having this god damn headache. Maybe it’s my emotions that affect my health? Perhaps I am being pathetic. I scream and yelled in my blog but dare not in real. I’m such a coward.

I’m still in the circle of the game, I want to free myself out from the game. The game is just so tempting, I couldn’t leave. I’m addicted. But…Things that happened to me in the game repeated over and over again. I don’t have the determination to stay anymore. I got too emotional involved.

I just couldn’t stay alone again. This game is so cruel. I just want to play with someone that I can really talk to. I don’t put on mask to be myself. It’s not necessary at all. Why should I fake myself? But then…to survive in reality world, we can’t be too true.


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