Grumpy…Don’t disturb!

Posted On October 28, 2004

Filed under Personal

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Today is not my day. Yesterday was not mine either. I didn’t blog for yesterday coz I have nothing to scream at, means I’m contented. I went home after working hour that ended at 4.30pm. It only happened on the month of Ramadan. The route was jam packed and I reach home around 5.30. Quickly rushed for shower and tried to download CO auto patch and it ended up, took me 2 hours to get the patch. If it’s not for Yun Jin (my ex bf), I won’t get that patch so quickly either. CO server is so bad these days.

Yun Jin told me that he is going to take the .NET certificate. I was too busy trying to login rather than talk to him. Ha-ha! The worst part came, when I was told by 1337 that his account is banned. I got so upset, sitting on the rock platform in Hawking Cave, trying to whack the Hawkings.

I just feel awful on what TQ Digital did to many players. Banned without warning and those hackers are still around and didn’t get ban. TQ Digitalis useless!!!

I woke up today feeling grumpy as my parents keep on nagging me. Sighs…What a day to start with…


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