Back to Ostara my home

Posted On October 25, 2004

Filed under Personal

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I have nothing to fuss about today. Lol. Nothing to scream at or sad about. Just another plain day. Monday is always a slow day. I’d been playing Conquer Online for 2 days straight. Leveling whole day and finally when I hit level 100, everything’s over.

I’m going back to Dragon. At first, I was just visiting old friends yesterday. Everyone is thrilled that I’m back again. D-masta plvled me at Hawking Cave. While I sit there for plvling, I went for dinner. Suddenly, 1337 popped up a line in Guild Chat saying that he missed me a lot. Sarcastically, I said why would he? Lol…

I even blamed him for making me move to Diamond. He is one of the reasons I move my char to Diamond. He said he is sorry for everything. He asked me to stay in Dragon and kneel on his knee and proposed a marriage to my character. How sweet and romantic! We got married at the lovestone and sitting on his lap for long while chatting. We do look good together. I’m finally back to Ostara, my home afterall.


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