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Posted On October 22, 2004

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I feel like I just got slammed by a door! Joe just shut off the messenger coz he said I don’t give him any chance and not accepting him to be my boy friend. I have never thought to have another love in my life anymore. To be truth, I don’t feel anything towards him. Nada… Why should I try to be his girl friend? It’s just not right. He is by 6 years younger than me and he told me he is far older than guys around his age.

Just two days ago, we agreed to be friends only. But today he asked for more. Asking me why do I reject being flirty in messenger. I do flirt but not to everyone. Those I know flirted with, or being playful with them means no harm, coz they’re sporting. I feel much ease for not being too serious. There are some people that are always serious. Thus, I can’t play with them and be serious of course. It’s very tiring.

Come back to reality senses, “Age does not matter in love”. This is just a quote. Maybe I’m just being too materialistic, but I do think otherwise, “Age does matter.” Perhaps I’m lying to myself that I don’t need a relationship with a guy, I just don’t need any now.

While busy running from red devil last night, Maya scream to get power level.  I don’t feel like talking anyhow. Suddenly she said she is on the phone with the dull Timmy. Maybe, he is dull when talking with Maya’s Excellencies of English slang, but when he was with me, it’s totally the other way round. He talked a lot while I’m the one who is listening. Right, this is so not Timmy. Maya said he only answered to her questions and talked not more than that. She commented that Timmy is a wood. Aha! I answered her by saying I like woody!

Now what? I’m missing Timmy’s jokes terribly….


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