Posted On October 21, 2004

Filed under Personal

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For many years, I’d been trying to avoid anything about being in love. The wound has finally healed but the scar will remain forever. There are too many things happened in our daily life and as you’re rushing to get to reach your goal of life, many things had been forgotten.

People change with time. They do. It is won’t be the same for eternity. People are too busy with life and had been forgetting an important thing. Besides money, what do we really need in our life? Life is realism and yes, it is cruel. This is the fact. No one can change it.

I am asking myself again. Does true love really exist in this world of reality? Or is it just another act from a soap opera to make women laugh and cry with it? Perhaps is does exist, a one in a million case I assume.

“We’ll be together for eternity…”

SNAP! Wake up! From my logical view, this is quite nonsense because you will never know what will happen tomorrow, or it’s just another way to please women to fall for them. Come back to reality, how many men can really do what they’d promised? Sweet talks are pretty easy to say but will that ever be true? That’s a question mark.

I’d seen enough the ugly sides of men and I’d lost faith in their sweet talks. Sometimes I do think…being a spinster is not bad afterall….


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