Once Again…

Posted On October 20, 2004

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I think…..I need my fluffy pillow, blanket and my comfy bed….

It’s a cool morning in my office. Although the room temperature is going up, I’m wearing my jacket and I wanted to sleep.

Year end is approaching sooner than I have ever thought of. It’s the year end season again and someone popped in a message on my msn messenger asking when will we have the “ONE Gathering” again. I didn’t think about it at all. There I go again, my old self started to make plan for “The One Gathering” of every year.

Yes, I’m organizing FunChat Gathering 2004 this year, which is the 3rd time I’m into it. The first year turned out not as good as expected but last year was a successful one. Someone even got married after the meet up at the gathering. LOL. I’d chosen Burnacid to be the organizer but I don’t know if he could make it. It always happens that when I chose someone to be the organizer but it always ended up to be I’m the one who is organizing it.

I do hope this year is a good one as I’d been losing track of my life. Organizing and hosting the event did actually bring me back to my old self. After all, FC had been my life, soul and world for the past 5 years. I eat, laugh, talk and live in this world. I’m feeling contented in my world once again.


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