The God must be joking!

Posted On October 15, 2004

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“How ironic it is pretending to be religious but actually not.”

I had a visit from my junior batch from at my working lab this morning. He has to do a presentation for the project that was assigned as internship and got rejected. My supervisor brought him into my office and asked me to show my project to him as an example. After a bit of introduction about my project, we chatted a bit and I was late for lunch. My lunch hour is usually at 1pm but I will go buy food around 12.30.

The food has almost finished by the time I reach there. As today is the first day of Ramadan, the fasting month for the Muslim, the Muslim did not sell any food in day but only in the evening. There goes the interesting part. The hawker got readied with the food packed nicely and ready to be sold. From what I’d heard, the Malays had asked the Chinese to buy food for them and had ordered it from the hawker earlier.

Now where is the religious faith that had been claimed for so long? I was wondering…


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