Hail Maxis Mobile!

Posted On October 13, 2004

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Here I am sitting on my chair blogging out from a hot afternoon. Lol. It’s steaming in my office. The sun gets so hot that I think my office is turning into an oven. I’d just ended my websms session with Jake. It’s so nice that StarHub did offer free service allowing people to sms to its subscribers. The sms rate is cheaper than in Malaysia too. I wonder why. Maxis is a growing and making profit company but they had disabled their 5 free sms per day which I found they are too stingy. Lol..

Why can’t they make it like starhub? I hate to admit it, the telecommunications services in Singapore are actually better than Malaysia I have no idea why. Maxis is not a government sector company but still, it’s lack of the fun for younger users. I know they do provide hotlink services, but I’d found that their website is not as beautiful as starhub. The website is not soft and touché but fiercely in red. I know Hotlink is supposed to be red but the futuristic colour is too much for my eyes, I guess. One can never make everyone happy.

As for postpaid Maxis website, it is actually messy in a way. The postpaid design is mainly for business people. Those working and it looks very, very, very professional indeed. Still, I don’t like that messy style. Perhaps they need to revamp the whole site again. I still find the user interface is not user friendly enough.


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