Possibilities of loving virtually

Posted On October 12, 2004

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Arrggghhhhh!!!!! Arrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh! Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Ok that could cool me down awhile. I get ignored by my in-game husband coz he has a mistress (his ex real life gf) behind me. So be it. Close my eyes, rest the case.

–The end for first paragraph-

Well I feel sleepy again. Lol…why am I falling asleep in office again!!! It’s annoying, I need to watch if my boss is around, etc. It’s so difficult to concentrate. DUH!

Okay, okay!!! Back to the main subject. Is it possible to maintain a distance relationship? Yes or No? How far is the commitment from both sides to stay together even if they’re at the other side of the world? Do you fell in love with your internet friend?

My answer is YES. It hurt to get involve into something so virtual and yet so real at this very moment. Or is it only an illusion of love? Some kind illusion that we wanted it to be real. Yes, we do hope that it is real. Distance relationship is just like living in a dream. SNAP! You will wake up knowing it’s not there anymore and perhaps cry a little?

There are on certain cases, the happily ever after story does happen. There were once I’d know of about the happy ending of a couple whom got married after meeting each other. Yes, I do know her in real life. So sweet, isn’t it?

Another version of it, the sad ending is, for example, they can’t make it. Yes, the end. Broke off is the only way, but how far can you take it when you’re in love and suddenly poof  and it’s gone? Perhaps the love is never there, just fooling around with others because “it’s virtual, it’s not real, I can do whatever I want”. How irresponsible act is this? Now tell me, do you really believe in online love?


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