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Posted On October 6, 2004

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I’d go to a charity dinner last Saturday with my last year custom-made dress. It’s my first time to tack along with my parents to such an event. It was to celebrate the 50th Golden Jubilee years of Assunta Hospital and was attended by Sultan of Selangor and a few ministers.We arrived at 6.30pm, quite early to avoid traffic jam. After we’d parked the car and walked into the reception hall, we’re request to register for our attendance. Then we were brought into the grand ballroom by an usher and were nicely seated.

There were a number of performances by the Selangor Philharmonic Choir (more like a karaoke session), the young nurses from Assunta Nursing School and others from orphanages. The choir is the worst of all as they sing as if they were at Karaoke. If compare to Mrs Kam’s children choir, they are the worst. Children are better than them. I wonder how they can perform in front of the Sultan and the ministers. It’s a shame.

The young nurses’ performance is the best. There were a group of children from the orphanage which are required to sing and thank the donors. I feel bad about this. Why are they require to sing in front of strangers? They were uneasy when they need to sing on stage. Children especially are afraid to perform and they are force to do so because they need to do something to thank the philanthropy. If one is sincere in making donation, do not ask for anything in return. But to think about it, who am I to complaint?

The food is not good or bad. I’d only eat 6/7 dishes prepared because the seabass taste muddy. I just don’t eat fresh water fish.

It’s a nice experience anyway.


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