Naiveté, Crazyness and Sillyness

Posted On August 18, 2004

Filed under Personal

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One of the funniest things that would fall onto someone else, I mean someone I know it of – would be her (you know who you are, LOL). Jumbling with new words for a new company is fun, only that if you slipped out, disaster is going to haunt you. My friend, you really make the greatest joke in this world. Hehe.. Anxious to know what happened? This is all about the word – Caceta in Portuguese. Well, it has many meaning though. One of it is penis. LOL…Who would name a company with the word penis?? Lol…I laughed for 3 hours non-stop. Okay Maya dear, we did fix that up in the end. Solras is much better isn’t it? Thinking back about this incident makes me laugh again.


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